Highway M is a motion picture production company headed by Mike Russell, an industry veteran whose work is defined by a storyteller's vision, an in-depth knowledge of production, and an understanding of business strategy and branding.

For more than 15 years, Mike has traveled the world to produce compelling, dynamic content. His body of work includes corporate, product, event, and thought leadership videos.

Highway M offers comprehensive video production services built during Mike’s decade in the Chicago motion picture industry. Starting with a foundation in documentary film editing, he branched out into all aspects of production—motion graphics, script development, and, eventually, directing and producing.

What is Highway M?

When Mike was a kid, he spent a few weeks each summer at a baseball camp a few hours from his home in Kansas. "We're about to take that magic turn on Highway M," his father would announce on the day of departure. Years later, when Mike graduated from high school, his parents gave him a framed photo of the highway with an inscription: "Dear Mike: Never forget this was the highway to your 'field of dreams.' Let it remind you that there is always a way to realize your dreams... whatever they may be."

To Mike, Highway M is a connection to not only the nurturing environment that enabled him to pursue his love of narrative filmmaking but also the endless possibilities of the future.

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