While every project is different, each should tell a story, whether it's a documentary film, a 3-minute motion graphics video, or a 30-second commercial.

Mike's method centers on nurturing each client's vision from inception through development and production in order to translate ideas into evocative visuals. By first understanding how all the production components fit together, Mike is able to use his command of the latest digital technologies to solve problems creatively and deliver top-quality work.

Other video production companies offer services on a boilerplate, price-by-piece basis, but Mike takes a more customized approach. For each project, he begins with the fundamental questions:

What's the story?
Who's the audience?

From Fortune 100 companies to nonprofits and start-ups, Mike has served clients all over the world across a range of industries by rendering their key messages into compelling motion picture content. Mike's exemplary work has enabled him to build a robust client base through repeat clients and referrals rather than advertising. Get a taste of his Work, then visit Contact and begin the discussion.